Award for innovation to the Birleşik Ödeme

It produces innovative solutions with leading electronic money and the organization of payment services signatory to the major business association in Turkey, Birleşik Ödeme, 5th of Turkey with the participation of organized and leading 1216 companies in the area of  Turkey’s first Innovation Development Program “İnovalig 2018 Awards” EFT organization hours outside bank accounts from allowing money transfers “Nöbetçi Transfer” awarded. 3-4 May 2019 Date of Istanbul held with Congress Center President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s grace Turkey in the İnovalig award Ceremony organized under the Innovation Week activities in the Birleşik Ödeme CEO Ilker Sözdinler received the Innovation Award. Innovation in our company arises from customer needs. In this direction, we offer innovative financial products and services with our experience, knowledge and technology as one of the leading companies in the sector. In this context, we have developed out of hours EFT bank account to transfer money from allowing “Nöbetçi Transfer” in 1216 the company’s major product of our innovative products of Turkey shows that we are on the right track to be awarded to the winner. It was a great honor for us to receive this award from our Minister of Trade Ruhsar PEKCAN. Nöbetçi Transfer has attracted the attention of its banks and it has been an innovative product to be offered to customers for money transfer in banks, internet and mobile branch channels except EFT hours. In the coming period, we will be explaining the cooperation we have made with several banks on our Nöbetçi Transfer product.