Fibabanka and TESK Collaboration



Special Products to the Tradesmen from Fibabanka and TESK

Fibabanka offers advantages in the products of “TESK Credit”, “POS Collaboration” and “TESK Tariffs” special to the card acceptor workplaces with TESK Card within the scope of the collaboration with Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen.

Generating special solutions for the needs of the tradesmen, Fibabanka continues to make your life easier with the collaboration made with the Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen. (TESK). Within the scope of the agreement, Fibabanka offers advantages in the products of “TESK Credit”, “POS Collaboration” and “TESK Tariffs” special to the card acceptor workplaces with TESK Card

Loan facility up to 70.000.000 TL with 1.49 interest rate per year…

The private companies and real person merchants with their annual turnover below 5 million can apply for TESK Loan with the interest rate of 1.49 per year instead of 1.70 per year from the limit of 70.000.000 TL. For an application, you can send a text message to 3422 by typing your TESK and TR ID.

POS connection with 0% commission to the card acceptor workplaces..

TESK card acceptor workplaces having applied for cash register POS from Fibabanka are defined with Credit Trading Account (KTH) while taking advantage of 0% commission on the following day up to 5.000 TL turnover amount per month. 1.85 % commission is applied over the exceeding turnover amount for the workplaces having performing trading size over 5.000 TL turnover per month.

On the other hand, the loan can be extended without filing expense up to 1.500 TL by receiving the loan requests of the card acceptor workplaces in their applications.  “Fiba Tariff Comfort Package” sale for the card acceptor workplaces making use of this opportunity is repeated for quarterly periods during one year.

No obligation for paying a separate fee to the transactions with TESK Tariff…

You will not have to make separate payment for the transactions to be made during one year with “TESK Tariff” offering reasonable price in the banking transactions. With this tariff, you can make transactions within quota by paying 350 TL in total.

Expressing his gratitude from the collaboration with TESK, General Manager of Fibabanka, Ömer Mert, has said that “Our tradesmen are one of the most important milestones of our national economy.  An economy with no growing tradesmen may not fulfill the expected growth of the economy and targeted growth as well. Since our establishment, we have been caring about our tradesmen and creating solutions for their needs. In this regard, we have created advantageous packages in the field of the loan, cash register POS and banking transactions for our tradesmen with the collaboration of the Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen. We hope that this collaboration will prove fruitful for our tradesmen.”

President of the Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen, Bendevi Palandöken, has made a statement of “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”.


Delivering his reviews on this issue, CEO of the Birleşik Ödeme Hizmetleri , İlker Sözdinler, business partner of TESK Card project has said that “TEST Card project we have performed its promotion at the end of October and we have started the card distributions has managed to make its name distinguished with the number of users it has achieved in such a short time and advantages it offers. In line with our goal to contribute to the budgets of tradesmen and craftsmen with TESK Card, we are happy to incorporate the brand business partnerships made with leading companies of Turkey into TESK Card.

And today, we are implementing the most important one of these business partnerships. We continue to provide our support to the tradesmen and craftsmen offering significant contributions to our national economy with FİBABANKA business partnership, innovative and dynamic bank of Turkey.

As is known, our government has been executing their works for supporting the Tradesmen and Craftsmen in 2018 for making of use of direct loan support under reasonable conditions for the tradesmen and craftsmen by allocating subsidy from the treasury. We aim to meet the needs and expectations of the tradesmen and craftsmen in a quick, easy and advantageous manner by offering loan support service with special advantages to TESK Card holders for supporting this work as TESK, Birleşik Ödeme Hizmetleri and FİBABANKA.


Our ultimate goal is to enable our tradesmen and craftsmen to make use of the advantages in their all shopping with TESK Card without the need for another card and to perform financial services relating to the payment. We hope that this project will prove fruitful for our tradesmen and craftsmen.