Fibabanka – Night Transfer

A first in the industry from Fibabanka and Birlesik Odeme : ‘Night Transfer’

Removes on time limit with ‘Night Transfer’ service;

Fibabanka is another first in the sectors related to the Night Transfer service. With the Night Transfer, Fibabanka customers can quickly transfer money 24 hours a day, including the weekend.

Fibabanka is the first of its kind to provide services for the transfer service of Turk Telekom, which provides 24 hours a day transfer of funds. With the Transfer Transfer, they are quickly taken into account and Fibabanka customers save time. Fibabanka is implementing an aviation and technology initiative that is realized by FUABARKA in Finberg, and the technical and payment and brokerage services of Birlesik Odeme Hizmetleri, the Transfer Transfer Service.

Set up money transfer without time limit To take advantage of the transfer service to benefit from the service service on the duty Fibabanka.

Fibabanka General Manager Ömer Mert stated that they are happy to be a first in the sector and Digital Internet access was minimized. In addition to Internet Bank and Mobile Banking, our channels spend more time in our channels. Technical Payment and Payment Brokerage Services Inc. We are in the excitement of realizing a pioneering financial service with the commercial sector. With the transfer service, we are aiming to provide fast, easy and environmentally friendly services.