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Natural water subscribers in big cities can easily access card top-up transactions over 7/24 open self-service kiosks with Sumatik.

A vast majority of metropolitan municipalities subscribers prefers prepaid card due to its convenience. While the prepaid card is an important balance tool for household budget, it also provides being refrained from bill delay penalty. The advantage of topping up your card with “Sumatik” that is 7/24 open plays an important role in being refrained from interruption of basic needs such as water.

Corporations have designated a solution need for supporting pay desk officials and facilitating water top up transactions of card subscribers. Kiosk system for topping up your card is an innovative solution.

Since 2013, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewage Administration, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewage Administration, Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewage Administration.

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