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TESK Card is a card intending to provide the tradesmen and craftsmen with discounts and advantages in their shopping from contract card acceptor workplaces for facilitating the transactions of their families and reducing the financial burden on their shoulders for our tradesmen and craftsmen contributing to our national economy by the Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen.

With TESK Card, discounts are offers in many sectors especially in fuel, clothing, education, healthcare and cardholders can make use of special offers and campaigns in the sectors.

TESK Card is not a credit card. It does not charge any fee, monthly charge or interest under any name.

You can enjoy discounted shopping in contracted card acceptor workplaces with TESK Card.

You can follow the offers and campaigns with the products and services of the brands over our mobile application and Internet web site.

For Further Information; http://www.teskkart.com.tr/

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